Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I began re-teaching myself the piano yesterday. I used to play years ago, I can't remember when I stopped, but I got up to about grade 3 I think, whereas my sister got to about grade 8 lol (she is however older than me and began earlier) I don't usually have the patience for this sort of thing, it takes a while for things to sink in, I wish I had a better memory!

In other news; we have a friend of my mum's fitting the new bathroom. It's coming along nicely, however he has taken the toilet door off, and the bathroom door! So essentially I can't really go to the toilet, unless I don't mind people walking past/seeing (which I really don't) I had to have a bath at 8AM this morning before the fitter came, and had to stay awake so I could let the mobile dog groomer in so she could cut Poppy's fur ;

I'm damn tired and bored.

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