Friday, 10 July 2009


Seeing as I have a long summer ahead of me, I thought I should actually do something constructive with my spare time. I've managed to get me a job, so i'm not entirely wasting my time. I got a job at a local vintage inn, which is pretty cool, never in my life done waitressing, I swear to god I didn't think it was going to be as much hard work as it has turned out to be.

So anyway.. a bit of background information:

After my A Levels, I went on to do an Art foundation course , which I pretty much hated to be honest. It was a small class, the teachers had their favourite students and didn't bother ineracting with the 'quiet ones' . If it wasn't for my best friend Chloe,who was also on the course with me (we've been best friends since like we were 4 ) then I would have left, and vice versa. I flipping loved the short course we did in photography, but unfortunately our tutor got very ill and wasn't able to teach for pretty much the whole year, and with no substitute teacher, I had to work out a lot of the technical side of photography by myself, (not very successful) When it came to doing my final major project for the foundation course, I specialised in photography. The following photographs are : me working on my final major project, me at my exhibition and some of my final images:
Overall for art foundation I recieved a Merit. I felt like i should have got a distinction but I guess cause I didn't do much through out the year (mainly due to the fact my heart just wasn't in it for the art based projects) that I was actually quite lucky to get a Merit over all. I think my last project did it.
I only wanted to go to one place for University, if i didn't get in, then I didn't want to go anywhere else. Bascially I had one chance to impress. I had a group interview at Nottingham Trent University for Photography. I got in with a conditional, so all i had to do was pass art foundation, which I did. My tutors didn't think I would get into Trent. They said it would be too hard to get in. so HA to you. I've now finished my first year of photography at Trent for the summer, and it's been the best year of my life.

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