Sunday, 16 August 2009


Simply enjoying a nice refreshing can of scrumpy jack and thought it was about time I updated my blog! Not all that much exciting has happened really lately to be honest. I had work today, 12-4, pretty tiring but bareable. I im in desperate need of a light metre so i can snap away (if you can call it that) on the mamiya 645 I was leant. I attempted to take some photographs last week at my dad's house. Due to not having a light metre, I used my pentax me super to light metre. I've been terrible this past year for not completely understanding how aperture and shutter speed are linked and how it all works etc. Therefore I have take the advice from my boyfriend Sean to properly read Langford (Which I should have done a long time ago!) I actually feel like i'm finally understanding it all, and feel very pleased!! That's about all I have to write to be honest.

I found a tiny frog in the garden when I was cutting the grass :)

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